anniversary date night in

Since we were married last New Years eve, this year we just feel the need to celebrate our first anniversary relaxing and having a date night in. Hopefully with some family members as well. I really like the idea actually (plus it's supposed to be really cold out!). Here's a few essentials required for a night in and inspiration for anyone else who feels the need to stay in and celebrate in the comfort of their own home.

essie in "ignite the night" and "licorice". Paint the black polish first then layer with the sparkles or just the tips // I think my dog would love a party hat to ring in the new year. Image via pinterest //  Acne skinny black denim //  A bottle of Veuve Clicquot, since we popped this at midnight last year // No heels if your staying in but these fun loafers will do just fine // For just a touch of shimmery eye add this Chanel top coat over a layer of black mascara // A J.Crew cashmere top is appropriate, with just enough comfort and chic for a night in // No fussy jewelry necessary, just one statement piece goes a long way (and looks good in pictures). This one is by Lissa Bowie from magpie jewellery // Sharing a slice of cake is a must! Image via pinterest //

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