My friend brought me back this eye palette from Germany approximately two years ago and have actually used it quite often but it has barely made a dent. Overall I am more of a liner apposed to a shadow kind of gal but when I do use eye shadows the formula has to be just right. I often am disappointed with the "too much shimmer and more product ending up on my cheek rather than on my eye" shadows but this one is quite the exception.

It's no secret that Chanel cosmetics are, well pretty amazing. You can feel and see the quality within each product. I once bought a lip-gloss that lasted me over three years and still to this day (as I try to scrape off the bottom) it's just the same as when I first purchased it.

Les 4 Ombres palette is wonderful as it has four go to colours; black, dark grey, silver and a light peachy nude. All colours can be applied together or separately. All four for example can create an easy classic smoky eye. I also love that there is just enough shimmer to make the eye pop. The black sleek compact case also makes it esthetically pleasing. The mirror is great for when on the go touch ups.

For anyone who loves wearing neutral shadows but also enjoys something darker for evening this is definitely worth the extra money.

Shop the revamped version of this palette here, which includes many more colour combinations. Also this one is on my wish list. Happy Friday!

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