My sister introduced me to every Lush product out there, her and my dearest friend Holly. Which by the way I am so grateful for because they are fabulous products that actually work, and with some fun bonus factors; made in Canada, cruelty free and handmade with tons of natural ingrediants (like chocolate...and garlic!). Also I have to mention how amazing all their products smell, if you have ever walked into a Lush store you know exactly what I am talking about. Intoxicating.

My sister gave me this Lustre dusting powder before our wedding and have loved and used it since. Here's what I love about it, it's not white (who has snow white skin?), it has just a hint of shimmer and smells like a dream! I was dusting this all over my body when I first began using it and then found out how incredible it is on the face. It all happened when I ran out of setting and powder spray and needed a quick fix. I mixed the dusting powder with this (equally amazing product called Emotional Brilliance) and used small amount all over my face to set my make up and voilà.... a new creation has been born, my very own fairy dust.

Try it, you won't be disappointed.

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