I typically end up mixing my foundation with another product, be it moisturiser or sunscreen in the summer and illuminator in the winter, which results in having a thinner layer of makeup on my face. I have only come across a handful of foundations (not to confuse with tinted moisturiser) that provide that sheer and glow like effect on my skin with out mixing with another product.

I am a big fan of Revlon products (especially the lipstick collections) and so I thought I would give the Photoready Skinlights a try. I immediately fell in the love with the formula as it is lightweight and has that perfect sheen to it. I tried it alone and mixed with my foundation and was impressed with both results. This time of year I wear a bit more coverage on my face (au revoir natural tan) so I prefer using a foundation, but mixing it with this face illuminator creates that nice glow that I lack. It also can be used as a highlighter after applying foundation.

Overall this is a wonderful product as well as versatile and budget friendly. I will definitely be buying a second one.

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