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Although Halloween is over I can’t help but share this amazing photo shoot I was a part of with my dear friend, Justina. You’ve most likely seen much of her work here on my blog, most of it being all my style posts. When she asked me to be a part of this particular shoot I could not resist. I am a pretty easily scared person by nature, but oddly enough love Halloween, would not pass up an opportunity to go through a haunted house or watch a terrifying movie… my curiosity overrules it. This shoot literary gave me chills, during the process and just looking at the pictures afterwards. It was so much fun (may I add a tad creepy) as well as something totally different than what Justina has ever done. 

The pictures turned out exactly how we imagined and more. It was truly rewarding to contribute creatively to this dark and eerie shoot. Enjoy!  

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