coupé {inspirations}

Several weeks ago I decided to chop a few inches off my hair (five inches to be exact) and it felt incredible. I've had long hair for quite some time and needed a change. I've also coloured my hair for so long that I felt I needed to grow out my natural hues (and also could not remember what it looked like). I've only ever once (when I was about fourteen) done a drastic cut but now I tend to do in baby steps, as I told my hairdresser yesterday. I like to chop a little off and then go back a couple of weeks later to do a bit more, all after I've built up enough courage. I know, it's only hair and we all know it grows back, but it seems like it can take years before it actually does grow back when not satisfied with the cut itself.

So like I mentioned above, I decided to go back and chop off an extra two and half inches. I love the idea of a blunt cut and having it just ever so slightly touch my shoulders, and that's exactly what my hairdresser did. Bonus, I cut my drying time in half and I can still pull it back into a baby bun or pony.

Here's what inspired me. Pictures of my new coupe to come. Now to decide if I want it dark again?

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