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|| Artisan Make Up Brushes in numbers 154, 152 and 218 c/o MAKE UP FOR EVER ||

Being the beauty junkie that I am, as well as a self taught make up artist, I know the importance of quality products. I also understand that the tools you use have a major impact in the application of said products. As I began doing more make up sessions, also began my hunt for quality tools, such as brushes. Often I would find brushes that were great for the first few uses, only to leave me disappointed later on. Whether it be loosing fibres or hairs or not going back to their natural state after washing, I was having a hard time finding tools that would hold the test of time (and use!)

I just recently tried three brushes from the new Artisan Brush collection by MAKE UP FOR EVER. I am quite familiar with this brand's cosmetics (which always live up to my expectations by the way) but never considered their brushes...until now. What I immediately noticed was how soft they are (due to the high quality of synthetic fibres that mimic natural hair) as well as the overall look and design of the tools. I discovered that each brush is hand crafted and made of beech wood with bevelled ends to use for false lash application (géniale!).

The concept and story behind the Artisan collection is rather appealing as well. The artist and creator behind these brushes is Dany Sanz, who is not only a passionate make up artist, but has roots as a painter and sculptor (which may explain the fun design with these brushes from the collection). She designed this collection over a five year that's dedication! Also, the completion of each brush consists of several unique stages; it took a total of 30 individuals to hand craft them, from start to finish.

All that and the brushes actually work. I use the Buffer blush brush (154) to apply matt bronzer for contouring (which can also be used for blush). The Medium highlighter brush (152) I use to blend in my bronzer as well as highlight and at times to apply blush. The Medium blender brush (218) makes eye shadow application (especially in the crease of the eye lid) so easy. It can also be used to dab just a bit of highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. Just these three brushes proved to be quite versatile! 

Overall this brush collection truly impressed me. They can be used during make up sessions as a professional as well as my every day make up routine, which makes my life much easier.

Now all there is left to do is add to my collection!

(Photography by Justina Phippen)

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