For this week's vanity post I decided to share this little gadget that has completely changed the way I clean my face. I introduced the Clarisonic into my skin care routine approximately a year ago and I am truly impressed with the difference that it has made.

I've established a pretty strict and structured routine when it comes to caring for my skin but this was just that extra step I was missing. I used to remove all my makeup with makeup remover followed by washing my face with cleanser which always seemed to work pretty well...until I used this. I now use this gadget to cleanse my face. It gives my face such a clean feeling along with extra smooth skin.

It's super simple to use as well; add product to the brush, push the button and move around your face in slow movements. It's also timed so you don't have to worry about over-brushing (a no brainer!). The bristles from the brush is not just an easy way to cleanse your face but to also exfoliate every day and get rid of those dead skin cells...especially during the harsh winter months.

One of the best investments I've made in beauty care thus far.

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  1. What kind of cleanser do you use with it. I just bought one of these and am waiting for it to come in :)