I tend to switch up my beauty routine often enough and am constantly trying out new products, so I thought it only made sense to start a series called "vanity", which would include a beauty or skin care product that I love and why. I am often asked what products I prefer and what I would recommend so this would allow me to share exactly that on a weekly basis.

For my first vanity post I am sharing a face cream I recently purchased. I have just begun experimenting with Nuxe products {a brand that means Nature & luxury} and I have to say I am overly impressed. Their products have proven to be great quality. I read about this crème fraîche in a article about french women and what skin care products they love, and so I gave it a go and glad I did. I've only been using it for four days to be honest but already loving it. The formula is incredibly luxurious and gives my skin an instant glow. It's also super hydrating which is great for my skin this time of year {it also smells incredible!}. I apply it in the morning before my makeup.

Other Nuxe products I've tried and love. 

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