comfortable chic

My favourite place to work on my blog is at home. Although at times a change of scenery {like a coffee shop} is nice but I always feel the most at ease and able to concentrate in my own environment. 
During the warmer months I often sat outside to work which was so relaxing. Now I move from the couch to the dining table and even in bed…and until I complete my own little office it works for now. When getting into the creative zone or just lounging around at home for that matter I like to be comfortable. But I had to establish comfort while still being presentable. 
Unless I am sick in bed I quickly realised that even staying at home does not have to mean staying in sweatpants all day without showering. How easy would that be? Now even though I know I may not have to leave the house I still, take a shower, get dressed and do a {more toned down} version of my hair and makeup. This immediately makes me feel better and puts me in a good mood {I even put on perfume…who does not like to smell good?}. My idea of comfort has been, for years, a pair of black leggings paired with a tank and cardigan. Easy, simple yet put together. But since over-wearing the legging look I decided I needed to switch things up. I found these ultra-soft loose fitting trousers which are beyond comfortable {like pyjamas} but still look presentable, and with an added fun leopard print. The zippers and pockets also make them appear less casual. Paired with one of my favourite cozy knit tops, loafers and this makes the perfect stay at home outfit…comfortable chic if you will.  

All photography by Justina Phippen

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