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Yesterday was officially the last day of summer, but today is so sunny and bright that I decided to share with you a cocktail recipe that was quite the hit. Here's how I came up with it...

 I have been trying to come up with a light and refreshing cocktail this summer. I remembered on several occasion of people who would inject vodka into a whole watermelon and so I thought this would make a lovely summer drink. Since I like the idea of having fruit pieces in my drinks I decided watermelon and vodka was the way to go. After making up something with what I had on hand in my kitchen I began researching actual recipes on Pinterest. They are pretty similar and easily altered to your own taste. See this recipe as well as this one {with gin and grapefruit} that I cannot wait to try. You can also make this a sweeter cocktail by adding one of your favourite syrups. I love the flavors that Torani offers.

One. Cut up watermelon in small cubes and place in a mason jar or any other jar that can be sealed.{not quite half full}.
Two. Fill with vodka {just enough to cover the watermelon cubes}.
Three. Let sit in fridge for at least an hour before serving or even better for a couple of days.
Four. Once it's ready to drink fill with sparkling water or club soda and enjoy. C'est simple non?!

The best part? Eating the watermelon at the end. Try it as you say farewell to summer, or even better keep the recipe on hand when you need a sweet reminder of summer during those cooler nights. Enjoy!

 Photography by Justina Phippen

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