Today she is 30

Today is a pretty special day, today my older sister {by only 22 months to be exact} is 30 years old. I still feel like it was not too long ago we we're building forts, playing in the buckwheat field, picking blueberries with our parents {eating all the blueberries}, attempting to start a band, cutting our own hair and all the other adventures that unfolded growing up. Some times I wondered what it would be like to have numerous siblings but then I think how special it is to just have one. I always had someone to show and pathe the way for me, to give me advice, someone I could follow {literally follow to the movies with her friends}, someone who always knew what was cool and what was not cool, who knew the answer to everything and even if she didn't I still thought she did. I basically grew up with a best friend and still have that best friend. I can be myself, out of control, annoying and ridiculous self and she still laughs.

She's my soul sister and my very best friend and I can't wait for the next 30 years of our lives. I'm wishing my beautiful sis a very awesome birthday, and I think we can all agree on one thing...She makes 30 look good!

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