fall hairstyles

I like to take full advantage of summer as we don't get much of it, but I must also admit that come mid August I cannot help to think of the fall season ahead {my favorite}. As I begin looking at inspirations {Pinterest has been wonderful for this}, and putting together a wish list and essential pieces for fall I also try to see how I can vamp up my hair.

I am pretty simple when it comes to my tresses, keeping it in a low pony, down and wavy or in a high top knot. I don't experience much as I am always intimidated by the pictures I see and feel that it is always impossible to recreate. I attempted a braid crown this summer and felt adventurous but that's as far as it went. 

This season I plan on taking my long brown hair to the next level and trying the hairstyles above. I especially love the silk scarf headband and the sleek low pony.

Will you be trying new hairstyles or cuts this season? If so, which ones? 

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