«La vraie beauté, c’est avoir confiance en soi.»

Since I receive many questions about skin care products I thought I’d take the time to discuss this thing called beauty. Over the years I’ve experimented with many {many} various beauty products and brands. I discovered at an early age that I have a love and addiction for skin care products as well as cosmetics. I don’t deny or do I think this is a serious problem, I simply feel it's part of who I am and continue on my journey to beauty discovery. I also have to admit that I’ve gone through different phases and not being too clever about my choices. I went from using too many products and had my washroom resemble a small pharmacy, to buying strictly budget and on sale products that did not work for my skin type, to being vegan and only using animal and earth friendly products to using only one specific line so that all my products matched on my vanity tray, to completely using brand names even if I did not particularly enjoy them, to now: establishing a balanced skin care system that works for my skin type with various brands and various price points.

I truly feel I have discovered what really works for my face and what I enjoy. My friend gave me some really great advice a few days back, which is this: "Skin care is personal, it’s a choice that everyone makes. You can certainly share and advise someone to use a certain product but at the end of the day it is still a choice and that's why many women use many different products". I cannot tell you enough how often I get asked what I am using on my face and I am happy to share what brands I love and what I am using at the moment {and in turn love to hear what others use as well} but with that being said it does not necessarily mean it will work for others. Just like everyone is different so are our skin types and how it reacts and accepts certain products. For instance, my skin loves rose water, oils, foam textures and exfoliates but does not like milky substances, orange extracts or gel textures. I do not so much react or break out to these but rather reject them.  

When I was vegan I threw out all my ‘non animal’ friendly products and replaced them with vegan ones. I figured since I was not eating anything animal related it only made sense not to wear it nor put it on my face. After some time {and no longer being vegan – although I still enjoy delicious vegan meals every now and again} I decided that I would use products that work and that I love. If the product does its job and makes me feel and look better I use it. Some are vegan, some are not, some are paraben free, others are not {most are anyway which is a bonus!} some are all natural and others are full of perfume, some are gluten free {again almost all are anyway but companies don’t label as “gluten free” you simply have to read the ingredients} and others are not. But again I make the choice based on what I know, what I love and what works for my skin type.

Lastly what I feel is the most important when it comes to beauty is more than skin deep. I truly believe and can testify that beauty starts from the inside. Everyone already knows this but many of us seem to forget. From what you eat to how you feel has a tremendous impact on the quality of your skin. If you're not eating properly it will show on your skin. It's actually pretty simple, eat healthy and clean {in moderation, you can still have a cupcake!}, stay active and SLEEP. Lack of sleep leads to being tired, leads to being impatient, leads to being stressed, leads to bad skin, leads to lack of confidence which in result leads to unhappiness. These all work hand in hand. I used to not take sleep so seriously, now I can't go without eight hours.

Lacking confidence can affect your skin in a negative way. If you do not believe you're beautiful...who will? Dr. Amy Wechsler who is one of the only two physicians in the country who is board-certified in both dermatology and psychiatry has a great approach on both how your emotions and well-being impacts your beauty. 

Again it's très simple, take care of yourself, have confidence use what works for you and voilà…beautiful glowing skin!

picture by the coveteur

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