Besides the outfits here, here and here, I never did share about our trip to Arizona in 2012 and thought it was about time I did so. We took a family trip to Phoenix and Tuscan, AZ last March and I have to say it remains one of my favourite trips thus far. What I loved most of about it was the cacti as far as the eye can see, the dry heat and blue skies for days, the architect of homes and buildings, the miss-matched furniture and the eclectic décor that gave a "lived in" feeling. There was a sense of calmness and stress free atmosphere.
It was actually my first encounter with a real life size cactus {as you can see below, posed with two of my sisters in law} so it was quite a special moment. I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone, there's also tons to do with the kiddos! and don't forget to wear your sandals, you may easily step on something prickly.

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