these days...

Our Nespresso machine we received as a wedding gift from our lovely friends in Germany. Love this little espresso machine so much and they make delicious varieties. Bonus, there's a milk frother attached!

essie's fifth avenue polish. I wear this colour pretty much every day. I feel like I need to switch things up but I just love wearing red on my finger nails.

These ASOS Saffron heels would be great for every day wear. Easily paired with denim or a sun dress. 

Lessons in french by Hilary Reyl.I just far so good!

I drink so much of this stuff (S.Pellegrino water) during the summer as I am easily bored by flat water. I love adding lemon slices to it and instead of ice cubes I add frozen fruit. Yum!

I am trying to play the mandolin. Learning to play guitar has been on my list for a while now, the only problem is I think I will be able to just pick up any song over night. Turns out it takes a little bit more practice. 

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