Blogging has brought me so much happiness and opportunities in such a short period of time. le closet acts as my personal journal as a way to share what inspires me from day to day, my love for fashion, beauty and living a chic lifestyle. I always hope to inspire someone else, even if just one person, to be creative and to enjoy the small things in life. With all the devastation that happen around us I hope to offer this small space to enjoy those small things, a new lipstick, creating a new outfit, trying out a new recipe or simply enjoying a good book on a raining day. With all this I also feel it is important to share things that are a bit more difficult to read, perhaps something that hits home for you, brings a tear (or two) to your eye or simply educates you on something you otherwise may have never known before. And although you may see this as “negative” or “feeling sorry” try to take a step back and see it as joyful, educational, rewarding and that this story will always have a happy ending.

I am not a mother but have to admit I do have some experience with the kiddos. I absolutely adore children and see how much joy they bring to their parents and although I am sure difficult and frustrating at times, in the end always am reminded that they are truly a blessing. Reid Layne McCallan was born in December of two thousand twelve to her parents, Tara, Craig and big brother Noal. I do not have a personal relationship with this family nor have I ever even met these two {cute as can be} children but I know the mama bear as my blogger friend. Tara is also a blogger and shares very real and raw experiences of her life as a wife, mother and everything in between. Lately she has shared the most heartfelt stories about her daughter, Reid {also known as Pip} and all the adventures that have come their way. Pip was born with Down Syndrome and with this can come many medical issues that I am sure are quite scary for mothers. I don’t want to go into details as I prefer you read them directly from Tara as she truly knows and writes it best, I simply wanted my readers to meet this courageous couple and their two beautiful children as well as take that step back and think of those “small things” in life and how they truly cannot be taken for granted. I also felt it was important to share this story {Tara has no idea I am writing this} as I know positive thoughts, words of encouragement & prayers make such a difference when facing with life changing moments and these two have shown that unconditional love goes a very long way.

Read more about the McCallan adventures here.

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  1. Sweet Jesus, Alyssa this really actually is amazing...I am just finding this now, hours after you've written it- Cause I'm quite obsessed with your blog & check it quite often - But today, sitting here after writing what I did yesterday to find you sharing it, really does mean so much to me...Thank you!! Thanks for finding inspiration in our story, thanks for sending it out so all those people who read your blog can send up a thought for Pip and thanks for being such a beautiful blogger friend!!! Much love...