my friend who bakes

Meet my lovely friend Alyssa {yup she has the same name as me, but her's is pronounce in English and mine is en français} and we also now have the same initials...we were definitely meant to be such great friends. Besides confusing everyone with our names, her always having the coolest hair on the block, hanging out with her roller derby crew, she also rocks at baking. Cooking & baking to me is an art in itself. I don't want to brag but I've mastered some pretty good cooking skills and delicious recipes (so my husband says) but baking is still a learning process. 

I found a recipe on Pinterest that caught my eye and so we tackled it in my kitchen on a beautiful spring day. We made slight modification such as making a smaller cake and completely rolling it in confetti. Alyssa showed me that baking this funfetti cake is not as intimidating as I anticipated it to be. It simply requires patience, concentration and a little love. Although I am sure I am capable of making this cake on my own I'd much rather watch this pretty lady do it and lick the spoon at the end...we even had enough for cupcakes! Thankfully our friend Justina was there to capture all the fun.

Check out the recipe here! enjoy (we did)

Photography by Justina Phippen

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  1. That looks delish... Miss that girl's baking... Cute pics gals..