mother's day gift guide

mother's day is just around the corner and so i've compiled some gift ideas that are wonderful given on there own or paired together. as long as it is from the heart and personable she will surely love whatever you have made or bought for her. also a little tip for cards - home made are always the best...regardless of your age.

1. Vintage short-sleeve pajama set from J.Crew
2. Assembly home twisted stripe pillow from Urban Outfitters
3. Harlow necklace by City & Cedar on etsy. also see more here
4. Wyannes Tote by Banana Republic
5. Urban decay naked nail set from sephora
6. Bamboo kitchen utensils by west elm
7. Lovely set by lush cosmetics
8. Put together a unique cactus arrangement similar to this one here
9. Valuspa Cut Glass jar candle from Anthropologie
10. Two dishes mother & daughter cook book from chat noir books 

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