le closet...but much prettier

I started le closet as a way to collect and showcase all the things I love and that inspire me but also began blinded and really not sure what I was getting myself into.
I told myself it would be easy to simply collect photographs and share them on this little space...I soon discovered I was slightly wrong. I continued the journey and learnt bits and pieces as I went along. After some time and much thought I realised that I needed and wanted assistance from others, professionals to be more precise. It was then that I knew giving le closet a much needed makeover would make all the difference and although my content is always true to what I love and believe in, I needed the space it lies in to be something I love as well.
This is where the fabulous Kelly comes in....graphic designer, stylist and blogger herself I saw her work and the rest is history. I am beyond grateful and so thrilled with the new look. I am also extremely lucky to have an amazing friend, Justina, who happens to be a professional photographer...this blog is truly a team effort!
Thanks ladies!

Although my own closet needs a little makeover I am happy to welcome you to the new and improved le closet...c'est jolie non?

See Kelly's work here and Justina's work here. enjoy.

{covet tank, c'est moi skirt, nine west sandals & snap happy essie polish}


  1. You were so wonderful to work with! And I love the photos...Justina is beyond talented. Have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. loving your new blog! Kelly is just TOO talented - love all her work! congrats!

  3. Congrats on the new blog! Kelly is so, SO talented!