our wedding || part un

I can't believe that already we are in the New year and that our wedding day is over. It's seams like just yesterday we were engaged and beginning all our wedding preparations.

Our wedding day took place on New Year's Eve which added that extra magic touch. Everything leading up to the day and leading up to the moment was truly amazing. Our wedding day was relaxed and fun which is exactly what we wanted. Being together almost seven years made it easy for us to say "I do" and it was such a great feeling knowing that we were both so at ease and comfortable. Some of my favourite moments where sitting side by side during the ceremony and Dave deciding it was the perfect time to make jokes and small talk. I couldn't keep a straight face. The moment we realised that we had plenty of time to kill before the reception and had a dance party and when my father stood up on stage and announced to everyone that he had a little surprise... He wrote a song for my sister and I called "my girls". Oh the tears! And not to mention the last part of his song, "all three of my girls" which includes my beautiful mother. Having our niece and two nephews walk down the aisle with us also made everything that much more special, how cute are they?!  I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for what our parents have done for us. Truly incredible individuals.

I took the time to take in every moment and felt such a big feeling of excitement and appreciation.
We are truly blessed to have had such a special day shared my such close family and friends.

Now looking through all the photography I feel that feeling all over again! What a way to start the New Year! I love this man!

All photography captured by my beautiful friend and photographer, Justina Phippen.