2013 checklist.

We are almost at the end of January and its just a reminder of how time goes by so quickly. As we begin the new year the same topic always comes up... New Year resolutions. Although I don't ever particularly set specific resolutions at the beginning of each year I still like to think of what I can continue as good habits, what I can improve as well as any projects I would like to accomplish. I like to think of it as my own little "checklist" , maybe it's something you are already doing but want to improve or possibly a DIY project you've been meaning to get to? Maybe a trip that is long overdo? I'd love to hear what everyone's plans are for 2013.
Here are mine.


 Organized beauty products and jewelry. I always use to keep most of my jewelry and beauty products in drawers or boxes only to forget about what I had. Now I try to keep them organized in trays and vintage plates so that I can see what I have which makes me use them more often. I recently purchased a lucid tray similar to the one above to organize my cosmetics. I love the idea of having your everyday cosmetics neatly organized so that they are easily accessible. I feel that in drawers’ things tend to get messy but if they are out in the open I tend to keep it neater and clean. I’m on the right path for my cosmetic so next is to have prettier trays to neatly display and organize all my jewelry in my closet.

Sunscreen. This only became a strict habit in the last couple of years and I’ve been pretty good at keeping it up. Not wearing sunscreen has some major negative side effects, like aging, damaging skin and most importantly skin cancer. I’m not saying that you should slap on a thick layer of sunscreen every time you step outside but it should become part of your beauty regime. Since this is important to me I want to keep this as a “rest of my life goal”.

Fresh flowers. I started a little tradition last year that every time I would pick up groceries that I would also pick up fresh flowers for our home. I love this and definitely want to keep it going but I’m now going to start putting fresh flowers everywhere. I used to only buy them for the living room or kitchen, now they are going in the bedroom, bathrooms and office. This is such a small thing that makes me so happy. Fresh flowers are such a pretty way to add a little touch of chic to your home and the best part is you can use any kind, any color and have fun with the vases.

False eyelashes. This may seem like a funny goal but I’ve recently been playing and experimenting with false eyelashes and feel they need to be worn more often. I used to only wear them if I was part of a wedding and most recently at our own wedding but now I feel like I should wear them to weddings or any other events that require a little more jazzed up makeup. I think I can have fun with this and why not have longer lashes? Also it looks great in pictures.

Plan and book a trip to Paris. It’s about time I do this. My husband and I are doing this soon and I couldn’t be more excited. Paris in the springtime….enough said.

Creative space. I’ve quickly learned that having a space to write my blog and any other creative projects is very important. I also am a very visual person so having an area with all things that inspire me in one space truly gets my creative juices flowing. My DIY project this year is to make my office more visually attractive and comfortable.

Water. I don’t drink nearly enough water as I should be. Why? I truly feel water can be boring. Since I am a huge coffee drinker it’s important that I get more than enough water in my body. I usually add lemons for taste now I’m trying cucumbers. If it’s going to benefit both my health and my skin I’m in!

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