Lately I have been so busy with last minute planning and preparations for our New Year's Eve wedding that I rarely have time to sit and write. Not to mention Christmas is fast approaching which is always a time of year that is so busy, but that I truly love!
With all the running around, phone calls, emails and busy schedules I still manage to take a time out and enjoy the little things that I love.

I've been an avid isntagramer these days. I love being able to snap pictures of people, things and moments that I love and are inspired by and also being able to share them with friends around the world. I also love seeing what others are inspired by, like the French student/blogger I follow that always wears amazing sunglasses.
I am addicted to this little world they call Instagram so here are a few of my own photos that make me say "ah life is good".
Sometimes less is more...









1. A new favourite scrub by lush. Leaves your skin silky smooth.

2. Sunday morning lattes with my fiancé.

3. A yummy red wine and a saying us French often use "Cest la vie!"

4. Our dog taking a well deserved nap while we organize wedding vases.

5. My favourite salad, couscous. I was creative and added veggies, cheese and baked it! Delicious.

6. Always comforting... Cup of coffee from chat noir books.

7. Favourite breakfast ... Raspberries and oatmeal.

8. My soon to be niece or nephew's first picture. This melts my heart.

9. A fun read by another blogger I enjoy. Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman.

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