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I only have a hand full of very best friends that truly mean the world to me and this young lady is one of them. Holly and I met working when we were in high school and later reconnected in College and this is truly where our friendship grew! Since then Holly and I have had a special connection and even if we live six hours away from each other we still find a way to stay in touch as much as possible. I am also super excited that she has been involved and will stand next to me in our upcoming wedding. Holly has a beautiful soul and never ever judges. She is always there to listen and gives wonderful advice which always makes me look at the other side of "coin". She has this amazing sense of style but would never admit or know it. She also has the most beautiful tattoos that I remain so jealous of as I am to chicken to get my own. She loves pugs (her and her boyfriend recently just got one and named it Lemon - yep! you guessed it, after Liz Lemon from 30Rock!), travel, art, education and she always smells good! She's my bestie and a true gem.
See what inspires Holly here.


1. Socks and boots – Perfect for fall

2. Man Ray- (1890-1977) Woman with Long Hair Date: 1929

3. Imogen Cunningham "On the Body"

4. Taken by Tom Kaffine

6. Egon Schiele-- I love how he sees and draws the female body

7. alessandro pagani-- There is something super pretty but haunting about this.

8. More Design Please - carley waito--OIL PAINTINGS--yes..OIL painting!

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