The water

The beautiful and talented Justina Phippen has done it again. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the her last fashion shoot "the field" and now again for this unique and feminine photo shoot "the water".

The talented designer, Erin Dittmann and I styled and did make up & hair for these five gorgeous models. I love working on shoots like these. There is so much work that goes into them but the process is so much fun and completely satisfying. I love everything about this series, there is just something about the water and the light from the sun that captures such a feminine and peaceful image. Another reason I love this shoot, it was right in my front yard!

Once we finished this shoot we immediately began brainstorming for the next... can't wait!

You can see more of Justina's work here and her blog here. You can also see Erin's designs here. Enjoy!

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