Summer inspirations

Summer is in full bloom and every year is always a little different but my favorite things remain the same season after season. There's something magical about summer...warm nights, hammock naps, boat rides, fresh flowers and flowy dresses.
Here are the things I look forward to the most and always put a smile on my face.


1. Red nails. I actually love wearing red nails year round, but in the summer I switch to a more pink or orange tone.

2. Stripes. Black and white, navy and white, navy and red, tan and white... I could go on. Stripes remain a classic year after year.

3. Fun summer drinks. Summer is the time to try out all those fun and fruity summer drinks. I also love adding fresh fruit to all my drinks for presentation and its always nice to eat them once the drink is done. I rarely follow recipes, instead I just mix ingredients that I love and make up my own speciality drinks.

4. Barbe à papa. This is by far my favorite treat out there. It's no secret that I love candy and so cotton candy is on the top of my list. It's fluffy, it's pretty and it melts in your mouth.

5. Big Sunnies. Sunglasses are a must, especially in the summer. I never spend a fortune on sunglasses as I like to pick up a fun new pair every year. I love my new cat eye sunnies but also loving this great shape.

6. Bright flowers. I love fresh flowers everywhere, usually they are white but in the summer I like to buy the brightest colors just to add a punch of color in our home.

7. Crochet. Channel your inner 70s with summer knits like this crochet dress. I love the look of crochet in the summer... It gives out such a feminine vintage vibe. It also always reminds me of my childhood for some reason.

8. Parties. Outdoor lanterns always remind me of warm summer night gatherings. This is such a fun and inexpensive way to add lighting to any party or event. They can be bought in any size and color. You can also have them with real lighting or I use mine with flameless candles. So easy and it creates a warm and festive atmosphere.

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