coffee date with a cutie.

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I get so excited when my soon to be sisters in law come to town for a visit. I like to make the most of our time together…especially now since there are little ones. There are three adorable kiddos in the family now. Two handsome little boys and one cute as can be little girl. I recently had a coffee date with my mother, soon to be mother in law, my soon to be sister in law Jill and her daughter Elizabeth.
Elizabeth will be twenty-one months next week. She loves to explore, watch Caillou, dance and chat up a storm! I have not seen her since March and so all her words are new to me which is so exciting and completely adorable. She loves to count, say “Mahee” (mommy), “ma” (grandma) and the cutest I have to say is “paapa” (papa). The look on her face when she hears her grandfather’s voice and she yells “paapa!” is priceless. She can tell you all the sounds a monkey, lion, dog, duck and cow make. She also never forgets to say goodbye when leaving you and blows kisses. She’s a very polite little lady. 
No matter what the occasion, a coffee date or going to the grocery store Elizabeth always looks her best. Her signature style pieces…barette in her hair and the most fabulous footwear.

For our coffee date she wore Laura Ashley thong sandal and a pretty little flower clip. She truly is a joy to be around.

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