blouse blanche


This is dedicated to my beautiful and very chic "Maman". My mother had a wonderful little tradition since my sister and I were young, and this was to purchase a new white blouse in September just before the beginning of school, also known as "l'entrée à l'école". My mother always told us that it was important to have a white blouse in our wardrobe as you could pair it up with anything. Although I don't necessarily do this at the beginning of September (as I am no longer in school) I still live up to this tradition and find myself needing and wanting a new white blouse (now it’s cream) every year. This has truly become a staple in my wardrobe and remains a classic year after year. I find myself still getting excited and completely satisfied when purchasing a new blouse blanche. I can see my mother smiling as she reads this.
A white blouse (whether it be cream, ivory, off white…) should become a closet essential for everyone, and because it is so versatile and comes in so many styles it can truly be worn by anyone. It can be paired with a pencil skirt for an instant professional look or simply with denim and flats for a more casual look.
It just adds that little bit of "chic" to an outfit. It has become such an important item in my closet that I now have one for every season.

I just recently picked up a cream blouse for the fall and winter season. What I love about this one is the black accents and the simple little details like the back zipper, the small gathering at the shoulders and the gold buttons on the cuffs.




The blouse blanche can be worn by anyone at any age and any size and for this reason it remains classic, timeless and with out a question chic!

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