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Since my soul sister is the reason I even started a blog it’s only natural to have her as my first guest blogger. Here she talks about her love for glasses and denim shirts! I am truly jealous of all her glasses… I have only two pairs and they are not nearly as cool as hers. Here she is, the one and only, my soul sister…Jacinta Maria!Enjoy.

I’ve had many collections over the years…unicorns, stickers, nail polish. Some have been stored away (unicorns and stickers), some have just evolved over the years (nail polish), but one fact remains : I just love collections. There’s something about having a lot of one thing that I find so appealing…like my soul sister’s obsession with shoes and clutches,  I aim to one day have a wall entirely dedicated to different pairs of glasses and a closet full of denim shirts; two classics that suit my face and my body. I love wearing glasses! I often get asked if they are just for style, but I actually do need them to see; the fashionable part is just an added bonus. As for the denim shirt, they just work with anything; skirts, pants, shorts, pyjama pants (!) 

I’m on the lookout for my next pair of glasses right now from Warby Parker and I’m ALWAYS looking for a nice fitting denim shirt. 

What do you obsess over? Do you dream of a closet full of one thing?

My wish list from Warby Parker.


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