soul sisters

My first blog post is dedicated to the one and only sibling I have… My soul sister.

Jacinta Maria, is my older sister and she is so very special to me. She is a beautiful talented individual studying fashion design in Montréal. Since we were young she has had a creative eye, cutting up the new jeans our mom bought her to make bell bottoms or a skirt, making jewelry out of anything and everything or sketching outfits out on paper, she did everything with a unique and passionate touch.

Over the years we’ve developed a true sense of style and all the creative aspects that come along with fashion. We discovered quickly that we both shared this same interest. We appreciate what fashion has to offer and so with this we wanted to share our inspirations, style and ideas with the world.

I look to her for inspiration, advice and ideas, she is my best friend… she is my one and only soul sister.



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