Jet set

Having the essentials while travelling is important. I don’t like the feeling of being unorganised {even though I can be at times} so I like to make sure I have the key items while I travel to make things easier and more enjoyable. I just returned from my trip to Arizona and this is what I carried with me in my tote.

Reading material.

Mon cahier &sharpie. I always have this with me to jot down ideas and thoughts.

Passport and cover.

IPhone and case.

Lollipop. candy is my weakness.

Clutch. I always bring a clutch of some sort for travelling as I don’t like to carry my wallet everywhere. It’s easy to just throw some cash, cards, lip balm and phone into this clutch and go.

Lipstick & Balm. balm for during the flight and lipstick to touch up when landing.


Sunnies. I usually stash one pair in my suitcase and keep a pair with me.

Specks for reading.


Small cosmetic case which includes; non-drowsy claritin, non-drowsy gravol, lemon cough candy, blotting tissues, compact mirror, rose water face mist, hand lotion and mints.

Also two of the most important things that I never go without while flying… water and sunscreen! Drinking tons of water every day is so important so why not do it while your flying! I wear sunscreen on my face every day,{yes even in the winter} and I slap on an extra layer while flying. The higher you are in the sky, the closer you are to the sun and the closer you are to those harmful rays. 

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